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This paper presents a new methodology for evaluation of the speed of commercialization of Real State using the model PROBIT, in function of your physical, localization and economical characteristics. It is of highest importance for decision of investors', constructors, real estate credit banks and other agents of the real estate market. In an application to real data accomplished in Recife, it is verified that the position of an apartment of distant for near of the beach, the marginal probability of sale it increases from 16% to those possess state of bad conservation and of 39% when the conservation state is good. It is also concluded that an increase exists in the probability of sales of 27% for the distant apartments of the beach, when the conservation state varies of bad for good, while this probability is from 50% to the ones that they are near the beach. The results demonstrate the potentiality of the statistical tools used to detect the probability of sales of real estates, technique until then not spread in real state sector in Brazil.

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